Why We Prefer Dwolla

Dwolla are a Credit Union.

Because Dwolla are not profit driven, they only charge $0.25 per transaction, no matter what the $USD amount being transferred. Compared with Paypal, who charge $0.30 per transaction AND 2.9% of the total amount sent. With Paypal if you send us $100 we will receive $96.80. If you use Dwolla we will receive $99.75. The difference is a whopping 12.8 times more. This means that Dwolla is 1,280% cheaper than Paypal when donating $100. Here is the comparison:

AmountFrom Dwolla
We Receive
From Paypal
We Receive

It takes a little time and effort to set up a Dwolla account, but it's worth the investment.

Please send is your donations using Dwolla.