Joining The Life Currency Cooperative Exchange

To join The Life Currency Cooperative Exchange (Fourth Corner Exchange in the Pacific Nortthwest) download our online application form, complete and mail to our PO Box Address with payment.

Please remember to read our Member Agreement before you sign up.

Mail-in Payment

You can mail your payment into our office. To do so, send a check, postal order etc. made out to 'Fourth Corner Exchange' to our PO Box address:
Fourth Corner Exchange
PO Box 28815
Bellingham, WA 98228

The annual membership fee for a single account (one person) is $25.

Joint accounts (two or more people) are $25 plus $5 for every extra person. Two people $30. Three people $35 etc. (Up to a maximum of 12 people)

Business accounts are variable. Please pay the same fee you paid last year, or call (or email) us if you are unsure. (Our contact information is at the bottom of the page)

You can use Paypal to pay your New Membership fee, but we must receive an application form first. Then we will email you a link to our Paypal account for you to pay using Paypal. When we have your application form and you have paid the membership fee, we will activate your account.