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Growing Your Own Food
Spend 1 hour, several, or a full growing season with me, learning to produce your own food on your own land, or perhaps in a community garden. As we continue to strive for open food labeling of all GMO crops, growing our own food is the safest way (although not the easiest, perhaps!) to know what the quality of the food we are eating truly is. I am willing to mentor people who do not know where to start, or just want to be motivated along the lines of greater self-sufficiency. I don't know everything there is to know, but I have grown much of my own produce for the past 10 years, both on my land and in a neighborhood community garden. This includes fruit trees, berries, greens, storage crops like onions, winter squash, shallots, brassicas, and much much more. I use a drip system with rain barrels for irrigation, have a worm bin, compost large quantities of organic matter every year, and as a result, have great soil to show you. LDs negotiable depending on length of the exchange.

Arts & Crafts
Hodag Winter: a novel by Deborah Wiese
In XXXXs Wisconsin, first-grade teacher Colleen O'Hare is fired for being a lesbian and fights to get her job back. Colleen's partner, Sandra, and their friends join the fight but ultimately Colleen must face her own hodag demon. Published by Mother Courage Press. Trade paperback. .5 TD plus .3 TDs for shipping

Health & Personal
Now offering your choice of bodywork, for Life Dollars or a combination USD/LD! I am a Professional, Licenced Massage Practitioner (WA lic # XXXXXXXX). im dedicated to helping people out of the pain cycle! I offer Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Craniosacral Therapy, and Aromatouch Technique, for pain and inflammation reduction (have had particular success with whiplash and other neck injuries and shoulder pain/low back pain)...and I can also do Swedish (relaxation) Massage. Hope to hear from you, and work with you on your path towards wellness! :) Be well, always and in all ways!

Professional Services
Convert VHS video tapes to DVD
Don't toss it, convert it to DVD so you can enjoy it again! Basic conversion to digital costs 1 LD per 1-2 hour tape, and for an additional 1 LD I can also edit (or show you how to edit in iMovie) and prepare a DVD. Note: I have been able to save some of my old favorite shows, but some commercial tapes (like Marx Bros. I discovered) won't allow copying. Call or email for more info. xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Health & Personal
Julia Cameron's Artist's Way process - group support
Sign up for this 6-month supportive group this fall and winter and change your life! This is a very provocative and clarifying process, and hundreds of people, locally, have gone through it - some more than once. While this book does involve a significant commitment of time and your energy, it will undoubtedly get you closer to your essence and free from much that does not fit for the life you want to live. Partial payment, up to half, in Life Dollars is fine.

Building Services
Table Router and Chop Saw
Do you need a few hours use of one of these wonderful shop tools? Borrow mine. The chop saw is great - beautifully mitered corners are possible with this powerful saw, as well as clean, straight cuts. Lightweight tile saw works well for small jobs and I have all the accoutrements as well (blades, float, spacers, etc.) Collapsible lightweight sawhorse made of plastic are useful for cutting wood or creating a temporary work table.

I have an Arvin formica table with 4 vinyl covered chairs from the XXXX's for sale. The table is 40' x 25' with fold out extensions that make it 40' x 40'. It also has a built in silverware drawer. The chairs are in need of some TLC but are structurally sound. I am asking 10 LDs for the whole set. If you would like to see some pictures and/or are interested in purchasing please email me (xxxx) at XXXXXXXXXX

Digital Projector available for use Port Townsend
I have a high quality digital projector available for your use! Connect the projector to your laptop to show videos, slide shows, or to teach a class on the big screen. Another very cool feature is the 'document camera' on an articulated arm, allowing you to project an enlarged image of a book, map, or any other flat image. (Great for enlarging designs, making murals, maps, etc. This projector has a small speaker and a jacks for external speakers (which I can provide). It can also connect to a DVD player or VCR (some of us still use those). 1 LD per day, or negotiate a fair rate for longer time blocks. I will give you the tutorial on using it, or if you'd prefer, I can also help you set it up and run it for your presentation (additional fee negotiable, depending on time). xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

free stuff @ lincoln & calhoon
look under 'freebies' category for info ~ i put it there but didn't see it go out in email notices ! ? s call laura XXX XXXX ~~><>

looms for good deal !!!
looms { scand.loom gone } now have 52' wide loom with flying shuttle , very fun to weave on! needs some tlc. { i can show u how to fix} scandanavian style ~~ other is smaller & can be had for much less ! phone me cause don't loook acomputer much THANKS !! laura XXX-XXXX ~~~

Spanish for travelers
Experienced Spanish teacher/Latin America traveler (20+ trips) offers personally-tailored language lessons, plus expert travel recommendations for maximizing your travel time. Plan your independent jouneys, volunteering, wildlife watching in Mexico, Central and South America. 2 LDs for each 60 minute class; rates negotiable depending on number of sessions and students. Willing to do trades or accept LDs. Call xxxx 'Eduardo' (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Decomposing straw
Decomposing Straw mixed with goat poop. Use as mulch or compost. I would like it gone as I want to use the space for something else.

My 3 Bdrm House & Rental Unit for Sale
I need to downsize, so am selling my 1 level home, acre of fruit trees and bushes, plus a charming rental unit. A great place for permaculture enthusiasts. It is listed with Muljat Group MLS # XXXXXXX which includes some photos taken from the air by drone, If you know anyone who might be interested email me at XXXXXXXXXX. This is a wonderful property, and I hope someone who loves the land and moves here!

Personal shopping
I buy and sell clothes/shoes on and often come across wonderful items at great prices. Let me know what you are looking for and sizes and I'll hunt for you.

solar shower,low tech.
solar shower in yard ,time tested ,low tech,low expense,very hot! {has cold too}visit & look & i'll explain so you can make your own ,or i'll help you build one !

Gardening & Yard Work
Forsythia bushes
forsythia bushes for the digging ! 4ft tall A some bigger . phone me please {i don't do computer often }

Business & Administration
Writing, editing, proofreading
Degreed journalist and freelance writer can help you compose your thoughts and organize written presentations. Make a great first impression with resumes and cover letters or present yourself in the best light on social networking and/or dating sites.

Arts & Crafts
Custom Block Prints
Would you like a one-of-a-kind birth announcement/new address card/party invitation or the like? You can check out the many blocks/cards I have printed and if you like them, I can carve something just for you!

Counseling & Therapy
Are you or a dear one going through rough emotional times? Free (yes, FREE!) Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) sessions can help. A re-learning, non-medical strategy, tapping gently on specific acupuncture points works whether you’re on meds or not. Painless, no equipment. Often works and lasts where nothing else will in only a few sessions. We’ll work together until you feel significantly better and learn to take over the remaining tapping work yourself. More EFT info: http://XXXXXXXXXX/. If you’re new to EFT, do go visit this site, then call David at The New Being Project. XXX-XXX-XXXX (Bellingham)

Need a Weekend or Overnight Stay in Seattle?
I have a comfortable private room with a Queen Bed, foam mattress, and a small table for a computer. Wireless access, and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen. Near UW, Roosevelt area, and a friendly, quiet, all adult home. Available for up to a week for travelers, students, culture seekers, etc. 1 Life Dollar/day or 5 LD for one week.

Pet and plant sitting
I will care for your pets and/or plants while you're away. Reliable care for cats, dogs, chickens, and goldfish. If you've got some other beloved critter, I'll give it a try. Two LDs per hour. I typically do two or three 30-45-minute visits per day, depending on your pets' needs.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden Guardian
Do you enjoy working together in the garden? Do you need a professional gardener for garden tasks and visioning/designing? I'm an organic earthcare gardener, experienced with edibles & medicinal forest gardens, permaculture, biodynamic & biointensive, and therapeutic horticulture. I walk the earth in gratitude honoring all life creatures...The earth's wildness expresses deep beauty & abundance. I enjoy coaching & listening to human heart-songs, and can hear the callings of the earth. I can assist you with your permaculture plans and your garden & life visions. (Time trades considered with other master gardeners.). Communicate via email/text and share your needs, schedule, & offering) 3/17

Arts & Crafts
Studio space
I have a nice, bright studio space that I would love to share. It is set up with a sewing machine, iron, room to cut large pieces of fabric, a radio, and a thick wool rug. In addition, you could prevail upon me for sewing, quilting, knitting lessons I do a little of everything. I just hate to see this nice space sitting empty everyday - maybe you'd like to spend a quiet evening out there working on your projects?

Book that I authored
'Partnership of Peril: Psychopathic and Authoritarian Influences in Politics.' When psychopaths and authoritarians team up, the results can be devastating--to our democracy, environment, economy and individual welfare. How can we identify psychopaths, authoritarians, and their systems? Is there a bit of psychopathy and/or authoritarianism inside of us? What can we do to become aware of and help overcome the Partnership of Peril? What are the progressive forces and how can they confront and push for the changes needed to keep this partnership from causing irreparable damage to the world and to the advances so many have worked for during the past decades? This book examines the struggle among psychopathic, authoritarian and progressive forces from a psychological perspective and within the context of recent United States history. This book examines why our politics have tilted too far to the right and what can be done about it. Six U.S. dollars and 1 LD; can deliver in Port Townsend; outside of Port Townsend, add $3.00 (U.S.) towards shipping costs.

Music & Entertainment
Subdued Stringband Jamboree
Weekend Pass and Single Day Pass for the XXXX Jamboree Aug 11,12,13. The advance weekend pass covers thursday, friday and saturday. Single Day Passes are good for any one day. The Gate does not accept LD's Camping is not included in the weekend pass. Camping is not available via LD's There are an unlimited amount of passes available for LDs but there is a limit of 2 per member. THE SUBDUED STRINGBAND JAMBOREE is a local music festival, that happens at the Deming Log Show Fairgrounds, the second weekend in Aug. 'Three nights and a day of picking, singing, and stomping.' http://XXXXXXXXXX See the Jamboree Website for more information. ADVANCE WEEKEND PASSES FOR 7 Life dollars. Single Day Advance Tickets are available for 4LDs Unlimited amount of passes available. But! Only 2 tickets avail per member. Kids under 14 admitted free to festival. Camping Fee's not avail via LD's. LD's are not accepted at the gate. To order tickets, please send an email to Zuul at XXXXXXXXXX Orders are taken until sunday aug 7, XXXX Jamboree and the Fourth Corner Exchange have partnered. Members are encouraged to buy tickets with LDs. Musicians who become members will be paid in LD;s in addition to USD wages.

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