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ISO men's suspenders for my 13-year old's Halloween costume. Prefer the clip-on style, but if you have the button style I'll make that work. Thanks!

Health & Personal
hair cutter in PT area
I'm seeking a hair cutter in the Port Townsend area

I need shelving for my basement(funky and rustic is fine) and for my office(bookshelves...) you name the price in LD's

Arts & Crafts
Spinning Lessons and/or Wool Fleece
Can you help me renew and enhance my spinning skills? I have a good working wheel and just need a few lessons to help me get back in the swing of it. I have some wool, but it's old and may not have much lanolin left in it, so I could use some new fleece as well (dirty or clean, I can process it myself if needed).

Building Services
I'd like to rent some scaffolding for barn painting project. Probably will need it for three weeks. LDs + cash. Please call or email. Thanks, xxxxx

most any edibles
Seeking most any edibles -- eggs, root veggies, kale, fruit, etc. Anyone have anything to offer in PT area?

T-Mobile Phone
I need a t-mobile phone. Doesn't need to be fancy - we don't text - it's just for my daughter to use for calls.

Pop Up Tent
looking to buy a 10x10 pop up tent for LD's

Any. All. I have a Lego fanatic at my house!! Apparently, even after cutting his own foot open on one, he still feels one can never have too many!

golf cart
The Stringband Jamboree is looking for a golf cart to use for the weekend of Aug 28,29 we'll pay TD's please call xxxxxx at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Bike repair
My friend's bike is having problems. The rear tire is wobbling, so he thinks he needs the rear bearings packed or re-packed. Anyone willing to help - either by doing or showing him how to do?

Building Services
Carpenter Wanted
I am looking for some help on a building project. I am willing to pay cash in addition to LD.

vacuum with HEPA filter
i need to buy or borrow vacumm with hepa filter {for td. if borrow } part $ part td. if buy ~~ phone me please cause i don't do computer, email often ! thanks ! XXX XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Enjoy being outside while getting exercise and learning!
There's a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy at the Owl Farm this spring, tree planting, trail making, blackberries, gardening, building projects and more. Good pay and life dollars - two or three days a week.

The Jamboree wants to buy your used Trailer. Looking for enclosed cargo trailer but will consider flat bed trailer. Will pay a combo of cash and LD's. Total annual milage will be very low. Trailer can be on it's last legs.

Health & Personal
Exercise ball
I'd like a large exercise ball - do you have one gathering dust?

Building Services
fence repair
I need help strengthening and tightening up the fence around my garden space. Can you help me for a combination of Life Dollars and bank (death) dollars, and I will buy or find the materials.

Gardening & Yard Work
Rhubarb to Spare?
I would love some for cooking and some for planting; I could even make you a batch of the best rhubarb crisp ever!

Gilmore Girls DVDs
My daughter and I would like to borrow some Gilmore Girls DVDs. We borrow them at the library, but have to keep returning before we make it through the episodes.

Bike Panniers
I need a set for carting books to and from campus (oh my aching back!) Not picky about looks, but I'd prefer some that aren't mildewy.

roofing pieces {metal }
metal roofing, Champion snaplock pieces , varios sizes & colours ok !!! my roof has diferent sides & skylights so can use varios shapes etc. !!! thanks

Roofing Nailer
Could you loan or sell me a roofing nailer? Can pay LD + cash if the price is right.

Looking for a Dehumidifier for household use.

Gardening & Yard Work
lawn mowing &or yard work needed
lawn mowing needed hopefully once every other wk. ~ also yard work [weed pulling tree pruning & a bit more } my back is hurt !!! thanks ! please phone ,you'll find me quicker than email ~~~ laura XXX-XXXX ~~~

Wanted: Epson 127 Printer Ink
Do you have any cartridges that you won't be using? I will pay you L.D. :-) Thanks! XXXXXXXXXX Cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX

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