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Pop Up Tent
looking to buy a 10x10 pop up tent for LD's

Bike Panniers
I need a set for carting books to and from campus (oh my aching back!) Not picky about looks, but I'd prefer some that aren't mildewy.

Chest Freezer
Looking for a Chest Freezer or a Standup Freezer.

Radio Microphone
Clip-on radio microphone for a camcorder.

Business & Administration
Graphic Designer Needed
The Subdued Stringband Jamboree seeks a graphic designer to assist our art & design team. XXXXXXXXXX

Waffle iron
This is a very specific request, but I would love to gift my son with a waffle iron...he LOVES waffles and we don’t have one. However, it can’t have ever had gluten on it (I am allergic)...so checking to see if a person with Celiac (or who can’t do gluten for other reasons) happens to have one they aren’t using that they’d trade some LD’s for? (It’s worth asking!!) Thanks!

Any. All. I have a Lego fanatic at my house!! Apparently, even after cutting his own foot open on one, he still feels one can never have too many!

Gardening & Yard Work
Rhubarb to Spare?
I would love some for cooking and some for planting; I could even make you a batch of the best rhubarb crisp ever!

Gardening & Yard Work
Automatic watering system learning opportunity
Master gardener Karol Stiegman needs help setting up an automatic drip water system in the Victory Garden at the Center for Spiritual Living. Any day OK, generous life dollars offered. Please call her at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX

T-Mobile Phone
I need a t-mobile phone. Doesn't need to be fancy - we don't text - it's just for my daughter to use for calls.

Homemade healthful meals to go
I love eating healthy meals but don't always have time to cook. Is that something you could do for me and my family? Casseroles, lasagna, breads, anything made from fresh local / organic foods. Yum! Frozen or dried is good. Thanks!

Health & Personal
Is there a fourth corner member offering massage for all LD? I'd really love one but don't have the cash to spare. . .

PHP MySQL Programmer
I need assistance programming the Fourth Corner Exchange database. If you have experience with PHP and MySQL and want to earn Life Dollars, lets talk.

Arts & Crafts
Art to hang on walls
Looking for artwork to hang on my walls

Health & Personal
Hair cuts?
I have long, thick hair that needs some help...would love to find someone willing to assist me with it (Port Townsend area). Thanks! Also, my son’s hair needs frequent trims..especially his bangs. We aren’t super picky...

Sports & Recreation
horseback riding
My daughter would like to learn to ride, but we don't have a horse. I'm looking for someone to either give her riding lessons, or who has a calm horse that I could teach her to ride on.

Health & Personal
Organizing support
I am looking for someone who would like to organize fibers and fabrics etc at my studio ~ Lots of boxes and bags to explore and match colors and art supplies, SUCH FUN!!! ......xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX / 2 LD's per hour ;)~

Health & Personal
hair cutter in PT area
I'm seeking a hair cutter in the Port Townsend area

Bicycles, bike trailers, camping gear
The Subdued Stringband Jamboree is looking to trade either tickets to the XXXX Jamboree or LifeDollars for quality bicycles, bike trailers, camping tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads. Thanks!

Gardening & Yard Work
Metal Gardening Stakes..........
ASAP ~~ NEED T-posts ~ fencing posts - Tall METAL fencing stakes - 10ft - Metal Garden Stakes ~ xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX :)

golf cart
The Stringband Jamboree is looking for a golf cart to use for the weekend of Aug 28,29 we'll pay TD's please call xxxxxx at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Walking/hiking buddy
I've been itching to walk and/or hike more often, and find that company can be much more motivating than trying to walk on my own. Do you feel like that, too? Let's chat.

most any edibles
Seeking most any edibles -- eggs, root veggies, kale, fruit, etc. Anyone have anything to offer in PT area?

Arts & Crafts
Yarn & knitting needles
Do you have a yarn stash and needles that you'll probably never use? I'd love to help you cleanse your space of them and give them a new home! Looking for non-synthetic yarns only. :)

clean dark glass bottles
Looking to re-use some clean dark glass bottles to store olive oil in. Need screw or cork top. The larger the better. thanx...

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