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Looking for 8'-10' T-Posts
The deer, oh the deer! The deer are bedding down in my garden and waiting in anticipation of the treats that I will plant for them. Uffda. So, this is the year that I will finally get deer fencing in place. I need a pile of 8'-10' T-Posts. Do you have a stash that you would love to pass on to a grateful gardener? I can pay in LDs. Please contact me! :) xxxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX

extension cords
10gauge is ideal, but any will do.

Wanting a hammock stand
I am looking for a hammock stand for LDs. xxxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX

House Cleaning Partner Wanted
We need energetic helper with strong hands & back to help us cleanse our home creating beauty & order. Offered for 3 hours of your hard working time for Total: $40 + 1 1/2 LD. (ie for 3 hrs - not per hr.) ......... ( Less offered for slower pace or inexperienced helper - 1 1/2 LD per hour) Weekday afternoons open. (Communicate via email your interest & offering & needs & schedule). 3/15

Gardening & Yard Work
tree limbing
I would like someone's help with limbing some evergreen trees that would involve some ladder work.

Pop Up Tent
looking to buy a 10x10 pop up tent for LD's

Bike repair
My friend's bike is having problems. The rear tire is wobbling, so he thinks he needs the rear bearings packed or re-packed. Anyone willing to help - either by doing or showing him how to do?

Radio Microphone
Clip-on radio microphone for a camcorder.

Will trade time dollars for firewood.

Roofing Nailer
Could you loan or sell me a roofing nailer? Can pay LD + cash if the price is right.

Health & Personal
Electronic Stationary Exercise Bicycle
I love riding it in my basement on very rainy or windy days. Can pay partial cash/life dollars. Thanks! XXXXXXXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX 02/16

Gardening & Yard Work
Helper for Garden & Home
Do you enjoy creating beauty & order In the garden or in the home? Strong & caring hands needed to assist us maintaining our edilbe forest garden pollinator sanctuary, and with home organization/cleaning. . . Location- 4 miles NE city limits on rural lakeside permaculture micro Sanctuary/Homestead called Heartsong Garden Sanctuary . . We share our garden wisdom & sanctuary retreat time, after helping hours completed. We offer 5 LD plus transpo costs for 3 hrs of helping time. .. Afternoon or Evenings.. .Each week the needs are different.. (WWOF'ers welcomed.) Email & Call: xxxxxxx & Don.

I need shelving for my basement(funky and rustic is fine) and for my office(bookshelves...) you name the price in LD's

Arts & Crafts
Spinning Lessons and/or Wool Fleece
Can you help me renew and enhance my spinning skills? I have a good working wheel and just need a few lessons to help me get back in the swing of it. I have some wool, but it's old and may not have much lanolin left in it, so I could use some new fleece as well (dirty or clean, I can process it myself if needed).

Kenmore Canister Vacuum
I am looking for a Kenmore Canister Vacuum, preferably a Progressive, but could be other. I am even interested in parts if you don't have a whole one. Call xxxxxxx at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Metal Gardening Stakes..........
ASAP ~~ NEED T-posts ~ fencing posts - Tall METAL fencing stakes needed the Taller the better - 7-8ft ideal!- Metal Garden Stakes / Raspberry patch going in with these posts!! ~ xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX :)

Homemade healthful meals to go
I love eating healthy meals but don't always have time to cook. Is that something you could do for me and my family? Yum. Frozen or dried is good. Thanks!

Arts & Crafts
WHATCOM SKILLSHARE FAIRE ~ We are looking for someone who would like to teach cheese making at this year's Whatcom Skillshare Faire ~ Please inquire and sign up at XXXXXXXXXX....feel free to ask me any questions!! Thank you, xxxxx XXX-XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Enjoy being outside while getting exercise and learning!
There's a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy at the Owl Farm this spring, tree planting, trail making, blackberries, gardening, building projects and more. Good pay and life dollars - two or three days a week.

Building Services
metal roofing , learning & help putting on
learn about installing metal roof , while earning l.d.s ~ my shoulder is injured & my roof is part way done ~ & the weather is great ! can use any amount of work , 1 day 3 days , 4 part days ? please call me , XXX XXXX laura thanks ~~~

Cook Once a Week
Assistance wanted cooking for person with health issues and food allergies: need gluten free and low carb foods. You could cook for me once a week or once every other week. Any combo of USD & LD.

most any edibles
Seeking most any edibles -- eggs, root veggies, kale, fruit, etc. Anyone have anything to offer in PT area?

Looking for a Scythe!
Yep, looking for a scythe. Does anyone have an extra one hanging up in their barn that they would like to trade for LDs? xxxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX

Music & Entertainment
Violin Lessons
I would love to have some private instruction, or the opportunity to have instruction in a small group of beginners. I have been dinking around for several years, but would like to stretch outside my current zone. Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or e-mail at XXXXXXXXXX

Metal detecting
Looking for areas to metal detect. Will offer LDs (2?) for permission to search property. Will share 50/50 if items of value are found. Any property around homes from the early XXXXs or earlier would be of interest. Can also help you find lost items containing metal or property markers. Would also be willing to 'partner'--share my metal-detecting knowledge while searching.

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