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Gardening & Yard Work
Garden Hose, spliters
The Stringband Jamboree is in need of garden hoses, hose spliters, and nozzle handles.

Pop Up Tent
looking to buy a 10x10 pop up tent for LD's

extension cords
10gauge is ideal, but any will do.

Health & Personal
Organizing support
I am looking for someone who would like to organize fibers and fabrics etc at my studio ~ Lots of boxes and bags to explore and match colors and art supplies, SUCH FUN!!! ......xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX / 2 LD's per hour ;)~

I need shelving for my basement(funky and rustic is fine) and for my office(bookshelves...) you name the price in LD's

Gardening & Yard Work
I'm interested in finding people willing to help me out in my landscaped yard in PT, this coming spring. Hoping to stay on top of the weeds and care for the fruit trees appropriately, so let me know if this interests you! It’s potentially a lot of hours (if it’s like the past two years)..so I’d love several people to join in on the efforts—so I can put my time/energy more towards the community food garden I’m a part of now! Thanks

Building Services
I have a computer armoire that I would like to make into a more useful piece of furniture. I need someone who could cut some pine shelves to fit inside. Willing to pay combo cash and LD.

Gardening & Yard Work
Rhubarb to Spare?
I would love some for cooking and some for planting; I could even make you a batch of the best rhubarb crisp ever!

Gardening & Yard Work
Helper for Garden & Home
Do you enjoy creating beauty & order In the garden or in the home? Strong & caring hands needed to assist us maintaining our edilbe forest garden pollinator sanctuary, and with home organization/cleaning. . . Location- 4 miles NE city limits on rural lakeside permaculture micro Sanctuary/Homestead called Heartsong Garden Sanctuary . . We share our garden wisdom & sanctuary retreat time, after helping hours completed. We offer 5 LD plus transpo costs for 3 hrs of helping time. .. Afternoon or Evenings.. .Each week the needs are different.. (WWOF'ers welcomed.) Email & Call: xxxxxxx & Don.

glass gallon apple cider/juice jugs
Do you have any glass gallon apple cider/juice jugs laying around collecting dust that need recycling? I'm looking for 2-3 of them. Thanx...

Business & Administration
Graphic Designer Needed
The Subdued Stringband Jamboree seeks a graphic designer to assist our art & design team. XXXXXXXXXX

Health & Personal
Hair cuts?
I have long, thick hair that needs some help...would love to find someone willing to assist me with it (Port Townsend area). Thanks! Also, my son’s hair needs frequent trims..especially his bangs.

PHP MySQL Programmer
I need assistance programming the Fourth Corner Exchange database. If you have experience with PHP and MySQL and want to earn Life Dollars, lets talk.

Knitting/Fiber Arts Magazines
I'd love to have a pile of magazines to dream over this fall! Do you have some (not too old - fashions change rather quickly!) gathering dust you'd be willing to pass on?

Homemade healthful meals to go
I love eating healthy meals but don't always have time to cook. Is that something you could do for me and my family? Casseroles, lasagna, breads, anything made from fresh organic foods. Yum! Frozen or dried is good. Thanks!

Free Standing Coat Rack
Looking for a coat rack for my many jackets and coats. Great if it has a places for hats, too. Thanks.

Gardening & Yard Work
Metal Gardening Stakes..........
ASAP ~~ NEED T-posts ~ fencing posts - Tall METAL fencing stakes - 10ft - Metal Garden Stakes ~ xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX :)

Looking for a Dehumidifier for household use.

Garden Helper Needed for 1/2 Day
Peaceful Lakeside Edible Forest Garden Sanctuary cared for by an experienced Organic Gardener & Permaculture Designer....We need another helper to work together! We love to share the earth's abundance and our sustainable gardening wisdom..Please both email & phone to schedule an afternoon weekday time

golf cart
The Stringband Jamboree is looking for a golf cart to use for the weekend of Aug 28,29 we'll pay TD's please call xxxxxx at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Radio Microphone
Clip-on radio microphone for a camcorder.

Roofing Nailer
Could you loan or sell me a roofing nailer? Can pay LD + cash if the price is right.

Gilmore Girls DVDs
My daughter and I would like to borrow some Gilmore Girls DVDs. We borrow them at the library, but have to keep returning before we make it through the episodes.

Gardening & Yard Work
Lawn Mowing
Seeking help with mowing our double lot near Hastings and Discovery in PT using your mower or our plug-in electric mower. About two hours of mowing at 2 LDs per hour. Thank you.

Health & Personal
hair cutter in PT area
I'm seeking a hair cutter in the Port Townsend area

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