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House Cleaning Partner Wanted
We need energetic helper with strong hands & back to help us cleanse our home creating beauty & order. Offered for 3 hours of your hard working time for Total: $40 + 1 1/2 LD. (ie for 3 hrs - not per hr.) ......... ( Less offered for slower pace or inexperienced helper - 1 1/2 LD per hour) Weekday afternoons open. (Communicate via email your interest & offering & needs & schedule). 3/15

Any. All. I have a Lego fanatic at my house!! Apparently, even after cutting his own foot open on one, he still feels one can never have too many!

Help with Computer - Please
I'd love to know how to back up my computer on to an external hard drive. Windows 10. I've tried for 1.5 hours and have not yet found a way that works. Thanks. Please call or email. Blessings. xxxxx

most any edibles
Seeking most any edibles -- eggs, root veggies, kale, fruit, etc. Anyone have anything to offer in PT area?

ISO men's suspenders for my 13-year old's Halloween costume. Prefer the clip-on style, but if you have the button style I'll make that work. Thanks!

Gardening & Yard Work
I'm interested in finding people willing to help me out in my landscaped yard in PT, this coming spring. Hoping to stay on top of the weeds and care for the fruit trees appropriately, so let me know if this interests you! It’s potentially a lot of hours (if it’s like the past two years)..so I’d love several people to join in on the efforts—so I can put my time/energy more towards the community food garden I’m a part of now! Thanks

Dog walking /bathing
My lovely golden retreiver is really neglected these days. I'd love to find someone who could walk him on weekdays - even for 1/2 hour? He also really needs a bath. This might be wishful thinking, but I'd pay the cost for Bailey's dog wash if you're willing/able to transport him and do the work for cash/LD.

Business & Administration
Francis Please email me.
Thanks. Can't find your newest edress.

Gardening & Yard Work
I would enjoy some companionship weeding and tidying up in the beautiful gardens at the Center for Spiritual Living on Yew St. Rd. Monday or Friday Call or email xxxxx xxxxxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX

clean dark glass bottles
Looking to re-use some clean dark glass bottles to store olive oil in. Need screw or cork top. The larger the better. thanx...

extension cords
10gauge is ideal, but any will do.

Gardening & Yard Work
Lawn Mowing
Seeking help with mowing our double lot near Hastings and Discovery in PT using your mower or our plug-in electric mower. About two hours of mowing at 2 LDs per hour. Thank you.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden Hose, spliters
The Stringband Jamboree is in need of garden hoses, hose spliters, and nozzle handles.

Roofing Nailer
Could you loan or sell me a roofing nailer? Can pay LD + cash if the price is right.

Gardening & Yard Work
Helper for Garden & Home
Do you enjoy creating beauty & order In the garden or in the home? Strong & caring hands needed to assist us maintaining our edilbe forest garden pollinator sanctuary, and with home organization/cleaning. . . Location- 4 miles NE city limits on rural lakeside permaculture micro Sanctuary/Homestead called Heartsong Garden Sanctuary . . We share our garden wisdom & sanctuary retreat time, after helping hours completed. We offer 5 LD plus transpo costs for 3 hrs of helping time. .. Afternoon or Evenings.. .Each week the needs are different.. (WWOF'ers welcomed.) Email & Call: xxxxxxx & Don.

Bike Panniers
I need a set for carting books to and from campus (oh my aching back!) Not picky about looks, but I'd prefer some that aren't mildewy.

Health & Personal
Hair cuts?
I have long, thick hair that needs some help...would love to find someone willing to assist me with it (Port Townsend area). Thanks! Also, my son’s hair needs frequent trims..especially his bangs.

Free Standing Coat Rack
Looking for a coat rack for my many jackets and coats. Great if it has a places for hats, too. Thanks.

Health & Personal
Exercise ball
I'd like a large exercise ball - do you have one gathering dust?

Radio Microphone
Clip-on radio microphone for a camcorder.

Looking for a Dehumidifier for household use.

Gardening & Yard Work
Metal Gardening Stakes..........
ASAP ~~ NEED T-posts ~ fencing posts - Tall METAL fencing stakes - 10ft - Metal Garden Stakes ~ xxxxx XXX-XXX-XXXX :)

Business & Administration
Graphic Designer Needed
The Subdued Stringband Jamboree seeks a graphic designer to assist our art & design team. XXXXXXXXXX

Building Services
I have a computer armoire that I would like to make into a more useful piece of furniture. I need someone who could cut some pine shelves to fit inside. Willing to pay combo cash and LD.

Pop Up Tent
looking to buy a 10x10 pop up tent for LD's

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